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Day 5- Of a Lesson!

Good day Brethren. That I amazingly imagine you all are sitted in front of me right now and listening to what i have to teach, is the fanciest set of album my pictorial brain has built this month. Just so you know, you all are holding cute blue notebooks eager to write and I accessorisedContinue reading “Day 5- Of a Lesson!”

Day 4- Becoming PIA👸

Firstly, roses are red, violets are blue, am a lazy inconsistent procrastinator now we know! With alot of shame I’m still sending love to whoever has been wondering about what the heck happened to me. I’m looking for big heavy excuses to type here like maybe i had a kidney transplant last week, so I’veContinue reading “Day 4- Becoming PIA👸”

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